28 May 2013

Boracay: Happiness that Lingers

Finally was back to Boracay and this time on a clear sunny week. The sky was perfectly blue, the water was clear with fishes swimming in it and of course, the people are quite warm and happy. It's been about a month since then but the happiness lingers like a leech which I like.

Here's a video summary of our recent holiday. Felt like carrying a 2-lb baby in my arms the entire time but it becomes negligible and I like getting used to it. Though not perfectly shot, I was happy with it. 

For some reason, owner of music restricts viewing on mobile devices so to bypass, view it on a browser or select "Desktop" from your YouTube app. Enjoy watching the video!

The blogger on her "solo" photography mode on the beach front. Gladly random strangers were kind enough to take a photo of me.


  1. I'm not exactly a fan of the sun, sand or sea but our Boracay trip was impressive. Thanks Kim for being the thoughtful guide and now a clip to remember :)
    - Si

  2. Thanks Sisi. I'm so glad you liked the trip.
    I enjoyed the company. :)