08 April 2013

The 30th

My 30th year on earth turned out to be more than I had imagined. Dinner with my sister was quite meaningful and filling.

A few weeks ago my mind was disturbed with useless anxiety. I wasted a few tears over some sort of life crisis. Today, I looked back and wanted to tell my slightly immature self that all these jitters are normal. There are always going to be days when your cup of tea shakes uncontrollably especially when you're unsure what lies ahead.

I have no list of things to do before 30. But if I did, I'm pretty sure a lot of things have already been checked by now. I don't have that ultimate goal that very focused people have. Instead, I live one day at a time and a little sense of tomorrow usually gets me going.

Good luck to me. I hope life will be even better. The troughs will still be there but I'm looking forward to ride the highests crests that are to come.

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