09 April 2013

Summer Breeze

April is officially summer time in the Philippines. It is expected of everone to hit the beach anytime between March to May. On the other hand, I can't believe that people on this island-city state are not crazy about the beach or at least talking about it. Or is it just me missing the salty air.

My stuff are ready for the hot sun and the cool waters but I am not. My midsection is not supporting my confidence but nonetheless I shall visit the beach soon because I need this break so badly. I want to sleep 'til my eyes hurt, stay in the water 'til my skin gets wrinkly, walk on the sand 'til my soles turn red and watch the sun set everyday at the edge of the water.

The summer breeze brushes on my cheek everyday but the sight of the long stretch of white sand remains in a my imagination for now. The storm hit the island the last time I was at the beach. I hope nature will be kind to me this time.

Windy Boracay

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