05 March 2013

New York Nostalgia: Parks Before and After Dark

Sand and Trees at the Battery Park

Battery park was not as enticing as when I first looked at it. But the ferry to Liberty Island starts from here so it becomes part of the itinerary. Surprisingly, the park is not as bad as it seems. The first good sign is that is is right beside the sea and anything with sand on it I always have an inclination to. 

Some people who have given up waiting in the very long queue to get to Liberty Island decided to just walk around. Trees grew on sand in perfect harmony. All over the park were artists who strut their stuff and also artwork for sale. 

That day I wore the pink coat which was loaned to me. I was probably the only-bright colored human during autumn in New York. Everyone else seemed to have been clad in sleek dark coats.

Silhouettes at the Central Park

I thought my photos at the Central Park has failed me but on second thoughts, they all framed every feeling I had that night. It was quite late when we headed to the park. Shortly before that I had pizza and gyro so eating in the car was pretty much just a breeze. The sunset was even quicker.

On this part of the continent, autumn has started a little early and all the leaves have fallen to the ground. I had wished to see red, yellow and orange everywhere but there were just bare trees. In glossy magazines, I have seen this green patch in the middle of the urban jungle. That night, I was right in the middle of it except that the patch would have looked dull and grey.

Ducks waded in the pond so patiently while the people sat in the park even if the fountain was parched and the pool was as dry as pavement. The moon rose as soon as the sun disappeared.

In the backdrop, the buildings slowly lit up like glittering stars. On the foreground were graceful silhouettes of trees that are as humble but bold as they could ever be.  

That night was short but the music was pleasing. There was a man who played the sax sosoftly as if it was the only sound fit for the night. It was worth more than my dollar. Coincidentally, there was also a man in Battery Park who was so engrossed with his percussions. Who knew that in every place, there was always a guy in charge of the soundtrack. 

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