23 March 2013

New York Nostalgia: The City that Never Sleeps

I have moved to a new place but my mind has not moved quite yet. Here is one more nostalgic post about New York City. Life is happening but I feel not much can happen further if I keep my memories suppressed. My longing for NYC is like a fire burning and I could either just stare at it or feed it.

Buy me Coffee or a Shirt

Much like every big city, there is either a coffee shop or a clothes store at every corner. In this way, the city reminded me a lot of my current place except that New York City has that "oomph" factor.

Starbucks sat humbly at a corner. That time, I just went past it in a car. Now I wished we stopped and had coffee and just talked. But few years back, I didn't consider that option since staring at the lights seemed to have been enough for me.

I did buy myself an "I heart NYC" shirt and washed and wore it so many times until the colors faded.  

Shopping or Lights Watching

I am glad shopping is not my weakness so I have decided to keep my money in the pockets and just watch the light signs while people go in and out the shops. I didn't know much about Louis Vuitton but my host and I decided to go into the store just like all the other tourists.

We asked if there was any sale and the gentleman politely replied, "Louis Vuitton never goes on sale." It does make sense. We hung around and the ambience was much less intimidating than entering an LV store here in Singapore. There were no stares, just smiles.

We gladly moved on to the streets and decided that the visit to the Apple Store and LV was enough.

The City that Never Sleeps

Times Square is synonymous to more neon lights and a lively crowd. I remember the red chairs in the middle of the junction. If I had visited the city today, I would have bought myself coffee or tea and just sat there. But now I remember autumn in New York is cold and my butt would have chilled.

Pacquiao was rising to his fame that time. My Filipino blood went rushing through my veins and prompted my brain to have a photo of me taken with the billboard ad in the background.

Serenity in the Chaos

In the heart of Manhattan is where people would least expect to find peace. St. Patrick's Cathedral towers in all its glory. I entered the huge door and found myself in another world as if I have just gone through a wormhole.

I left my camera hanging on my wrists and paid respect like the rest of the people who were dwarfed by the mighty halls. 

In Search of the Empire State

The Empire State Building is a real beauty but the closer I got to her, the worst my photo had become. When I finally reached the corner of the street where she was standing, a very dense fog had enveloped her and all I could see was a diffused red glow towering above us.

The most decent shot, and actually my favorite, was her in a distance with the US flag and pedestrians in the foreground. That was pretty much so "New York" to me. The lights were red that night but I didn't know what it stood for that time.

New York, Bye For Now

Oh, New York will be in my memories and dreams for now. It is not the perfect city but it is the perfect place to find character.

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