04 March 2013

New York Nostalgia: The Bronx, People and Pizza

There are certainly things in my life that happened but I have never written about. My travels usually go by so quickly like a "frisbee" in the air that it is only much later that I sit down and recall so vividly all the wonderful things I've experienced. I know that in a "healthy" blog, I should be talking more of things present but then I feel I can never move forward with all these memories clinging unto me and never going away. The memories of the Empire State keep me awake at night when I'm supposed to be drifting into my sleep. So here are all those mundane and not-so-mundane things in my head.

Good Morning Bronx

On the very first morning I woke up in New York City, I opened the drapes over the full length windows in my white room. Across my room was a wonderful view of the peaceful neighborhood of the Bronx. It was nothing like the stories on TV. It was a silent neighborhood where the sun lit so gently over houses. I could imagine people were still curling up in bed because of the cold. 

It was freezing and the portable heater only helped a bit. Thanksgiving week in November of 2008 was chilly but the snow has not yet started to fall. The weather forecast always mentioned of light snowfall but it always changed every minute I wished for the snow to fall. The snow vacation I had shortly after that was still fun but I still wish I could experience snowflakes actually falling on me. 

Walls With Character

We drove a car around NYC which is quite ironic because most people take the subway. After that night somebody broke the front window and took the navigator, we had no choice but to take the public transport. That was not a good thing but it was the only chance that I really got to see more of the neighborhood.

From the train, I could barely see the streets but I could see a lot of art on the walls. Not everything was a pretty site sight but it was amazing to see how people prefer to express their emotions on unresponsive walls. With all the graffiti, the walls now scream but I am not sure who hears them.

Upper East Side

In one of those 4 days, we drove through the streets on the Upper East Side in Manhattan to grab some pizza. I was contented watching people through the window and taking random photos of people in the middle of their business but mostly crossing the streets.


Finally we reached the "famous" pizza house on Lenox Hill. I do not know by whose standards but judging by the customers crowding inside the small spot, it must be good pizza. People of different color waited patiently and mixed up just like those toppings on the pizza.

I had gyro too. It's what they call wraps and I had mine with lots of cream cheese, lettuce, onions, tomato and beef. It doesn't sound so healthy but I feel the lettuce justifies it. 

Pretty much every night was either pizza or pasta. If you do not like too much cheese and fat then you probably won't survive this trip. Pizza out of the box is not so good looking at all. But the looks don't matter once it's all in your mouth.

Night Falls

My first night was the earliest night that I was in the neighborhood. The rest of my four days were almost sleepless.

These old photos aren't the best I know, but even the crappiest ones I took years ago still hold great memories. In these photos, I was that nerd with the weirdest looking fashion combo and wore an awkward smile. It's fun recalling I was, but the nerd part remains.

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