11 February 2013

Random Thoughts on Macaroni and an Orange Dress

The color for the day is Orange, however I fear the sunset won't be. It has been raining since day 1 of my 4-day break, thanks to the CNY holidays here in Singapore. This is probably the loneliest week of this year and I really hope so.

The theme was pretty much prepared. My stomach was too. Macaroni pasta with red orange tomato sauce is what I felt like cooking for the holidays. The kitchen is unfortunately quite lonely. My company consists of pans, plates, bland white walls and stained floors. I am looking forward to conditions improving in the next few days.

I already had two bowls of pasta but the sky remains overcast. Since I pretty much have all the time in the world and nobody is waiting for food to be served, I took a photo. Snap! The first shot was too clean and lifeless. A little imperfection will probably make the photo more alive. So there you go with a messy bowl. This is what I get if I mix the sauce in the bowl and not before putting it in. Enough about taking photos of food.

On another note, my camera has been so ready but the sun isn't. I'm also not ready to shoot on a rainy day since I don't have the luxury to do so. I have pictured out the details in my head but it usually never turns out as planned. The pretty bride-to-be will hopefully look good in this dress but it will have to remain in the closet for the next few weeks or months.

The rain is pouring now. I am about to finish writing here. The ground is too wet for jogging. I think it's time for cup of coffee.

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