09 February 2013


I left the comfort of my messy room to buy a few groceries before the shelves are empty. To my surprise, most of the stores have closed and people are fussing over a few goods left as if tomorrow is doomsday. So I decided to take a short bus ride to the nearest mall. To my horror, the queue at the supermarket counter is longer than the grocery aisles. So I checked out the public board for store hours for the rest of the week. Surely this craziness will eventually end.

The search for a few condiments for my macaroni pasta has gotten me stuck here when the rain suddenly fell from the sky like cats and dogs. I can see it through the glass window and it seems the sky is not getting any brighter soon. Ah, this would have been the perfect excuse to go to the movies alone. However, I could not find a good story and at this point I cannot compromise myself with a bad film.

A warm cup of coffee or a cold cup of yogurt is the next best thing. And so here I am gladly sitting in one of my favorite caf├ęs. They have good Italian ice cream but I normally just order just pasta and soup. Today however, I find the waffle attractive and so I had one with a cup of ice cream on it.

Pretending like a true instagramer, I took a photo of every plate or cup before putting a piece into my mouth.

Last year, my Chinese New Year was in some pristine island in the Philippines where I was not affected by it in any way. This time, I am stuck in a place where the empty grocery shelves scream CNY. In contrast, I am spending the holidays so bleakly.

So I reached out to my nearest relative here in Singapore which is my sister. She is geographically still quite far from me since she is having the time of her life in my hometown with my mom and her daughter. I could hear my little niece say a very enthusiastic 'Yes' after inviting them to have some waffles too at the nearby restaurant.

My plate of waffle is almost done and I could see the rain is tolerable now. The clouds are still grey but I think I can go back home now. Have a good holidays everyone!

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