10 February 2013

Legoland Malaysia: Miniatures and Effects

Over a huge cup of coffee and tea last night, my friend mentioned about her trip to Legoland Malaysia theme park today. She had invited me earlier but decided not to join her. My multiple trips to the site seemed enough for now even if it wasn't for fun. When the job calls, it has to be done. I'm hoping that my next visit wouldn't be about work. For now, I want to remind myself of sweet and short memories I managed to have after gruelling hours in the sun.

Certainly the most interesting part in Legoland are the miniatures of famous landmarks. I had captured the little structures on different occasions with different cameras. All of the interesting places in Asia were shown remarkably. Most of them look like the real thing especially in silhouette. Malaysia's Petronas Towers definitely shines.

Singapore is represented with ever busy constructions cranes along with towering buildings in the bank district. One Fullerton hotel and the Singapore River is in the spotlight.

Beijing, China is so bold and strong with its forbidden city but it looked so weak with a giant tourist hovering over it.

The spirits of Cambodia's Ankor Wat echoes through the shadows as the sun begins to set over it. The color of the tiny people are also so true as they ride on tiny elephants in the fields.

India's Taj Mahal looks grand and majestic as always. But I feel they surely missed the pool of water that reflects it.

Burma's Karaweik Hall, which I've only learned about recently, is also a head-turner. At that time, I had thought it was a structure from Thailand.

I had searched for the Philippines and only discovered it on the last two visits. Oddly enough, they featured some fishing village that I have never heard of before. They showed wooden canoes, a small town hall and a few jeepneys. There is nothing enticing about it which is why I wish that they could have done a better job. My wounded pride has left me asking why they have not chosen other landmarks such as famous parks in Manila or ancient Spanish-era villages or fortresses such as Intramuros or Vigan that has survived through the years. I can only guess that the researcher was confused about this culture so complex that a humble fishing village deemed to be the safer choice.

I have not been to most of the landmarks exhibited in the park. Only Singapore and Malaysia were very familiar to me. The only reward I have for myself is that from the photos I took, I can leave people to interpret it freely. Such that if you have never been to Kuala Lumpur and you are not so certain if there were towering trees, you would think that the skyline of miniatures might be the real thing.

On the other hand, if you have never been to Legoland Malaysia, you would think those little castle and houses are miniatures even if they are actually the real life-size structures in the park.

Legoland is not for everyone. But if you have a kid, I assure you the little guy will be running around like crazy with other kids. If you still have the kid in you, guess you'll be running around too.

Location: Legoland Malaysia, Johor Bahru, Malaysia 

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