06 January 2013

The Resolution

I found myself scribbling on one of my mugs which I've never drank tea or coffee from. I find myself having an excess of some things than what I am supposed to have. If I could reduce myself into just a single cup, I would. From zero, my cups and mugs have grown into a family that I could no longer add one more after the present I received last Christmas eve. 

Sometimes, I lose track of the toiletries stocked in my locker. My room is starting to feel too big for me because I sometimes worry about how much stuff it can take. Clearly, I need to get rid of things I don't really need and that should start with the shoe boxes underneath my bed. I also have too many pens that scribbling wasn't a bad idea to start with. I can grow my crazy thoughts instead since I think the brain has enough space to handle that.

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