07 January 2013

Hold Still but the Soul

This morning, I wanted to talk just about how beautiful the spectrum splashed across the sky. It reminded me of the times I peeked through my high school dormitory window to stare at that tiny light breaking through the darkness. In the sky were reds and blues, a burning sea, a dragon's breath and other things I could imagine. I had to stop in my tracks to feel it change and move because I know how quickly it goes away. Eventually, I missed a bus. But with a sky like that, everything has to hold still.

Then later this afternoon, I found out that the sunset was as beautiful. From my perspective there was hardly any color in the sky but it was even more alive when the clouds mimicked the ocean and the sun played hide and seek through the trees. Again, I find myself still but my soul tells me to swim through the sky to catch the fading light.

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