20 January 2013

Across the Border


I wish it were a road trip every time we cross the border. I have been going back and forth to Johor Bahru a few times since last year to take care of an unfinished task. This activity is not necessarily part of my current job description but it is a must in order to solve a problem.

Though I have not been traveling for fun, there are a few good things I liked about these trips. One is being able to see wide roads void of tall buildings from the skyline. I love being away from the crowd once in a while. Riding in a cab instead of a bus or a train makes me feel more grounded and I don't have to squeeze into tight spaces with fear of being trapped in between automatic doors. The people in the place we visit are also quite warm and it isn't hard to see smiles from their faces. After work when it is almost sundown, I can see that the workers take time to bond by taking photos of themselves together or simply by cheering for random things. The general feeling makes me feel like I'm home. Ironically, the city where I currently sleep isn't as welcoming as these places I've traveled to.

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