11 December 2012

The Highlands

Now I feel idle again though I am still very busy at work. I miss the kind of busy where I surround myself with people close to my heart. This is why I cherish every moment with friends or family. When I start to feel lonely, I hold on to my happy thoughts then I won't feel solitary at all.

A few weeks ago, two of my closest friends came to visit me here in the big city. They came to see the lion head with the fish tail. On the last days we headed to Genting Highlands where we were just being ourselves and didn't even visited the casino. Genting with all the bright lights and cold air felt like Reno to me though this time the memory is a little different and I would say more carefree. We just ate, strolled and shop. Mom was there too but she was kind enough to shut the door to the adjoining room. My girl friends and I lay on the bed where we chat and giggled like little kids. But the conversation was more mature and we discussed a lot of things we never talked about 8 years ago.

I loved the way the sky was overcast and the sunlight so subtle which made me feel like I was in a big unusually cool soft box. The spirit was high and we felt the energy just pushing us around but we never sweat. At night, the wind blew with a bellowing sound.

We had a window view which wasn't perfect but also wasn't bad. I woke up so early after the first night just to take a few shots before visibility dropped to zero. Then I drew the curtains closed and fell back to my bed. The room was too cozy and chilly so it was hard for me to tell the time especially when I've gotten used to warm air.

We rode on the gondola lift a few times and never got tired of the view. One time it was sunny and another time we were swallowed by the fog. The car stopped in mid-air for a few minutes and we rocked as we laughed about dinosaurs popping out of the foliage to eat us alive. It was a crazy thought but funny enough to break the icy wind.

The trip wasn't so long ago but I'm already missing it. These are the kinds of memories that cling on to me so tightly that everything we did kept on lingering in my mind.

Genting Highlands is about an hour from Kuala Lumpur or six hours from the Singapore border.
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  1. I will definitely miss that carefree and relaxing time..:)

  2. Thanks for sharing this post i love seeing your pictures and all of them are beautifully captured...