20 December 2012


Yes I live in the city but not in one of those fancy high rise condominiums. I live with the fact that I have become a statistic for the past two years. I am one of millions of foreign workers here which is an unacceptable fact for some. I am also one of millions of OFW across the globe who have decided to leave the country for different reasons.

The Overseas Filipino Worker has his or her own reasons. Recently, there had been more younger people who chose to leave the country to find more exciting environments like Singapore. For most, it's all about the money. For a very few, it's the heartache that has led them to go as far away as they can. For me, it would be easy to guess. I came from the average household and took me a few scholarships and blessings from my relatives to get a degree.

This is a neat place and that is quite hard to disagree with. I love walking around the city watching the sun peak through those tall boxes but I feel that something is still missing. I would quote Blaise Pascal, "The heart has its reasons which reason knows nothing of." The spirit of Christmas here does not help at all. There are a lot of light display in Orchard Road but it cannot compare to the fuss that is going on in the streets of my hometown.

This morning, I woke up knowing that I am still a statistic. I hate to end with negative vibes so I would say that this number is getting fatter each day. Now that is one statistic I can live with.

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