13 November 2012

Frappés are for Kids Too

The kid grabbed the magazine I laid on the table and started flipping the pages as if she understands a thing. There are photos in it so she might. I am guessing she is considering Phuket as her next destination. Meanwhile, my mom hated this photo of her grabbing a bite from a spoon. I liked how she gobbled up the chocolate cake as if it was the last plate on earth. She loves most things chocolate so I can't blame her. Her brownies are to die for but that is another story.

My niece started to make faces when she realized this bulky device is also a camera though it looked nothing like the phone camera she's used to holding. Successfully  she made an ugly face. Surprisingly her close-up shot with her hair tied up is a spitting image of her dad.

The cold chocolate frappé is officially one of her favorites. This isn't her first trip to Starbucks and definitely won't be the last. I feel bankruptcy coming to us if she wants a branded ice blended chocolate cream everyday but I'm glad she doesn't. A plain cold chocolate milk drink makes here happy too.

And yes she tried on a dress which she liked a lot. Snap! Finally, the infamous peace sign.

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