07 November 2012

A Date with the Mischievous Kid

My sister's kid has turned three. She runs like the wind and wants everybody to run after her. It's a pretty good exercise if you need to lose a few pounds. 

Who knew a simple dinner with a cute cake is all it takes to make a little kid happy? She blew out her candle before we could take a decent shot. Well, she didn't mind blowing it over and over again. She wanted the light out before I could press the shutter button. It's almost always hard to get a decent shot of her because she likes to make faces when she finds out a camera is ready to take a snap. If she's in a very good mood, you'll be lucky to take a snap of her with the infamous peace sign.

And of course, she was all smiles when the vanilla ice cream came to her. Her big party hasn't happened yet. I'm curious if she's going to pop all the balloons....

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