31 October 2012

Theirs is Another

From Philippine folklore, the white lady is probably the most common type of ghost. She is known to be a spirit of unrest that has died through a very tragic manner. I opted to dress as one during my first Halloween party in high school. However, I didn't even really look like one. I only succeeded in dressing myself in a white dress but a boring and unflattering one. The white lady is supposed to be an attractive ghost lady who lures you into mishap. But contrary to this description, many who claimed they saw one said that it does not wear a face.

From stories of my one of my childhood friends, the white lady flickered from one corner of an empty school field to another one night in his school. My cousin saw one float along the old brick wall of my grandfather's house and she was never the same since that night. Even my sister said she also saw one in school and she wasn't herself for a moment.

Stories of white ladies and the like give chills to my spine. They make my palms feel sweaty and cold. I have no desires of seeing one though I have been in several unexplained events. Some of them hard to believe and some relatively easy to dismiss. The scariest thing I ever felt was a soft whisper in my ear in the dark bedroom just before I went to sleep. I opened my eyes but there was only nothingness and the silhouette of the mango tree hovering above our backyard which I could see through the window. I remember everything but I refuse to write them all in this page.

So I pray the souls be blessed and have a peaceful rest. This world is ours. Theirs is another.

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