23 October 2012

The Sunset that I Missed

Today, the sky was a bit orange and the sun looked huge over the horizon. Recently, I have been watching the sun so vehemently whenever it rises and sets. But I don't quite remember how the sun set 21 years ago. The sky has dimmed so early, it was not even midday. 

I tried to wake him up but he would not budge. He was stiff and cold and he stared at the ceiling as if something stared right back at him. Trees have died and new roots have grown but the memory is unchanged and it sticks to me the way my skin does today - tight and whole. It's strange that after all these years, I still remember vividly how every was like and I could tell the same story over and over again.

I sat on the porch alone and looked far across the horizon. All my words were exchanged for tears that day. I still remember how my heart ached and how I sobbed until I could hardly breathe. But what was a child to do but to be confused?

The day ended so fast as if the sun decided to set instantly. The room was dim and the candles were alight. I saw his face through the glass and his eyes were now closed. He looked peaceful and calm.

I miss him dearly. Sometimes I still wonder how life would have been with him still around. But I think only God can explain.

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