29 October 2012

Dark Wing Night

When angels are at rest, wings are supposed to retract. But apparently, this angel from across the room kept her wings widespread. It seems the beat of the drums has kept her excited. A few feet from her, thumping on the floor resonates from both angels and grotesque-looking creatures dancing together.

 A Dark Angel in one of Clarke Quay's Clubs during Halloween Weekend

Not just humans but also toilets were prepped for Halloween. I would have freaked out when I saw a Japanese horror character on the wall had I skipped the bar. A few shots has helped to calm down the nerves. There were more scary-looking live creatures that night but they were oddly friendly.

I'd wanted to be an angel too but the gods appointed be to be a black fairy. My wings didn't flutter at all but I guess they have kept me high enough to watch over the fallen comrades. By midnight, several creatures have unwillingly kissed the ground because of too much intake of pungent liquids that came with lemons and and cranberries. Coffee or a warm bowl of muddy looking mushroom soup couldn't relieve them but who knew plain water from the tap and a bit of persuasion can?

The cab driver was glad he wasn't driving a bunch of intoxicated zombies home. I checked my back, my wings were still intact. 

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