07 September 2012

I miss you, dad

Hey dad, it's now year 2012 but feels like nothing so important has happened all these years. I've got a new fashion statement which are dark circles under my eyes. I've noticed them suddenly one day as if they've appeared from nowhere. My legs hurt like hell in some days though I seldom dance and probably wore heels only less than five times this year. I've gained some weight and standing in the train has put a lot of pressure on my feet. Sometimes I try to stay away from home on the weekends because something exciting waits for me downtown. But most days, I go home and look far across the horizon wishing that life could have been a bit different. I'm sure this isn't how you have expected things would turn out. I've been out and about but I feel like I've never been myself. I guess your life is fantastic now. It's probably still a long way for me. I need to watch out 'coz I'm forgetting things and been forcing myself to wake up on weekdays. Tears have flowed down my cheeks like a stream but silently like a river. I try to smile whenever I feel that the weight on my back is getting heavier. I hate writing when my walls echo the sound of an empty hall because there's nothing much to say. The truth is I miss you. And it's your birthday anyway, I was hoping you wanted somebody to talk with.

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  1. Thank you for baring your heart out Kim. I do hope you're better since you wrote this. I must add that your dad must be very proud of you every single day, even those few moments that you feel kinda sh*tty.

    Please extend my belated birthday greetings to your father too. :)