04 August 2012

Boracay through Misty and Shaky Lenses

Sometimes expectations are far below what we get. Life is not always blue skies and what I realized is that when this happens, we should learn to adapt instantly.

My Boracay trip happened on the week when tropical storm "Gener" went past the Philippine archipelago. I was on the island for four days and three nights of raging winds and heavy rains. We almost didn't get to the island on day one but that is another story. I managed to film and take a few photos during my stay though mostly with much effort to resist the wet and sandblasting winds. Surprisingly, the party goes on and tourists continue to flock to the island. On the third day, the sun was out for a considerable time and was just perfect for shooting. However, I decided to set my lens aside and just enjoy being carried away by the waves.

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