25 August 2012

Boracay: The Beach

I wrote at least three different drafts about my Boracay trip but I realized there isn't going to be a single story to describe my short vacation. The waves on the beach were like untamed beasts who were ready to swallow anyone who gets into it. The lifeguards never got tired of blowing their whistles and keeping people close to the shore. At this time of the year, the southwest monsoon was the boss and winds, water and sand follow him wherever he goes.

People head down to the beach just to see the waves crash the endless stretch of white sand shore. The water glows though there wasn't so much light coming down from the grey sky. Boracay is almost always that calm and relaxing beach from stories of most people. Experience has compensated my poor knowledge of weather and monsoons. July definitely isn't the best best time to visit Boracay but there was still something that has kept my spirit high. The violent waves reminded me of a trip I had in some coast in California. The impossible sea was humbling but mesmerizing at the same time.

The sea was calmer on the third day. The sun was out and gave me a good excuse to finally open a bottle of sunscreen. I slipped into my swimsuit and let the waves toss and turn me until my limbs felt like jelly. Any more swimming and I could drown. I decided to succumbed to the comfort of my resort room than to a coffin.

The sky was gloomy for most of the week. The strong winds didn't fail to keep my lenses wet. Only a few photos could be rescued. It felt like I just failed a National Geographic assignment. But I realized I have succeeded in managing what was presented to me. To me, it's personal. I've always loved the water and sand. Those feelings complicate my thoughts whenever I write about it.

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