04 March 2012

Coron, Palawan: Banana Beach and Atuwayan Beach

My brother is annoyed every time my enthusiasm bursts out whenever I talk about my Coron adventure. He's been there and knows my adventure is over but it's far from over in my mind. The thousand photos I took from my vacation tells me I have more to tell than just a video and a few blog posts. 

Banana Beach

After swimming with the fishes at Malcapuya Island, we headed to Banana beach. The island was much bigger than Malcapuya. My friend quickly spotted the bamboo raft floating beside our boat and braved the waters just to get close to it even if she is the worst swimmer I know. She didn't care. All she wanted was to live her childhood dream of riding on a raft over the water. Sounds silly but not to her. We joined her and the moment was perfect for  a group shot with a very picturesque back drop.

The dreamer (standing) with me and my other friend.

The island was like your typical white sand beach with a wide beach front for volleyball except that there was no crowd and there was only a handful of tourists. It was almost silent and you can fall asleep on the sand without anyone bothering you except perhaps for the tiny creatures crawling on the sand.

A lonely volleyball net on the beach front.
One of the handful of tourists passing by our spot. 

The island is not too isolated though, but still a perfect spot for digging in the sand and burying your friend for  a customized day spa. The white sand was cool and and all we had to worry were grains slipping in our pockets and underwear when lying on the sand. Swimming was the last option because we had to reserve our energy for the rest of the trip but the transparent jelly fish floating beside me has proven me right to cut my swim break into less than five minutes.

Attempt to bury our friend alive (kidding!)
My friend with another one of her starfish fantasies.

Who knew discovery can still exist on this plain white sand beach when my friend finally spotted a starfish after her long search for interesting creatures on the shore.

My friend grinning while inching closer to her favorite water craft.

Little did we know that the best part of the island was in the afternoon when the soft sunlight glowed like gold and peaked through the cottages like the afternoon light through my bedroom window.

The golden afternoon sun on Banana beach.

We wished we could spend the night on the island with a bonfire but it was not an option that time. Tomorrow was going to be a long day and we had to leave by sunset to ensure a safe ride home. A light chit chat with the guy in charge of the island pretty much sealed the day.

Atuwayan Beach

Atuwayan beach was the chosen island for lunch break the day after we visited Banana beach. We get to pick our spot, neat huh. It's another one of the many islands in Coron with white sand beach fronts.

Approaching left side of the Atuwayan beach front

Most of the tourists on the beach were just waiting for lunch to be served while the rest were busy keeping the fire on the grill. My friends and I were just taking photos and idling as if there was nothing else to do. Actually, there wasn't. Lunch would be served in a moment and I wished everyday would feel like that.

The not-so-sexy pose under the scorching sun.

Just another one of the shutterbugs.

Our hungry stomachs made us do silly things such as posing awkwardly. Nonetheless, it was still a beautiful day for both the sun lovers and budding photographers. Moments later, we headed to our cottage and became savages feasting on a huge grilled fish.

The Atuwayan beach front.

This time, there were no underwater shots. I thought there wasn't much left for the rest of the day but how wrong I was. The rest of it would turn out to be more interesting.

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  1. this place Rock!, i want to touch those pure white sand, a swim on that crystal clear water. and i bet there's a lot of fun and activities i might experience upon visiting that place.

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  2. im visiting palawan this year.. should i stay in coron or in el nido? which do you prefer?

    1. Both are beautiful places though I have not been to El Nido. In my experience, Coron has a lot to offer. Aside from islands and beaches, they have hot springs and beatiful sunrises. There is nothing to lose.