25 February 2012

Coron, Palawan: Malcapuya Island

Our beach adventures began the day after we arrived in Coron. There were too many islands and beaches to see but we only had a few days to explore. The excitement was building up like the air in an exploding balloon but our happiness was shooting up to the sky like one that has just gotten off the string.

Malacapuya Island

Yes you could say that it is your typical white sand beach with a wide stretch of sand bar. Gladly, it isn't just a white sand beach. Malcapuya is an island with it's own secrets. Thanks to our guides and the owner of the room we rented in Coron for giving us the chance to enjoy this island.

Sand bar on the beach front of Malcapuya Island.

On the right side of the beach front is a rocky shore but beyond those rocks is the clearest beach I've seen. There are no inhabitants on this island except for the guy who takes care of it. So clearly it is devoid of human waste or garbage. Of course, there is a toilet for your biological needs but even its architecture is nature-inspired and right outside the bathroom door is a wonderful balcony where you can unfold one of the chairs, sit on it and enjoy the view of the sea and the white sand beach.

Rocky shore on one side of Malcapuya Island.

My girl friends and I basked under the sun but we didn't mind the blistering heat. Our cameras clicked so many times that we forgot to mind about not having the perfect shot because everything seemed perfect.

Lunch was served on one of the cottages and there were actually just two on the beach front. A humble fish from the sea was served along with some grey prawns. There was only me, my friends and our tour guides on the tiny white spot on the planet. Across our cottage is a long stretch of sand bar where a colony of clams survive a few meters from the bank. I could hardly ask for more.

Cottage on Malcapuya's beach front.

Our guide Ruth asked if we wanted to see more from the top of the island, we agreed without hesitation. To my surprise, there was more than beauty that my eyes can see. My friends took turns on the hammock on the gazebo while I sat on the edge on the wall just so I can stare at the blue horizon. There were no inhibitions but sanity kept me from jumping off the cliff.

Overlooking Malcapuya's beach front.
A view from top of Malcapuya Island.
The blogger and her friends on the gazebo.
The blogger on the edge, literally.
View from Malcapuya Island's gazebo.

It has been more than a hour past lunch so our guides instructed us to go swim over the clam colony before the tide gets high. This time, I brought only my disposable camera and my happiness with me, nothing else. I walked only a few inches from the sand bar into the water and my toes could no longer touch the ground. I submerged into the water and there I was just swimming with the fishes and carefully not touching the clams with my feet or else they will snap!

For a day, Malcapuya felt like my own private island with just my best friends. It felt like a dream but it wasn't. The experience leaves me feeling like one of the luckiest people in the world.

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  1. I am so blown away by this paradise! It is extraordinary! I have officially put this on my "bucket list" of places to visit!

  2. i miss coron!!! i hope i could share my stories too...

  3. I wish i could visit coron someday. Such a beautiful place...

  4. one the best place for snorkeling, can be entitle as one of the top tourist destination in the philippines. wow the water is really crystal clear. seeing those happy fishes is significant of a pollution free place.

    philippine trivia

  5. Hmmmmmm... this isn't Malcapuya Island. But yes, it is a gorgeous place, indeed. Malcapuya Island looks like this: https://www.google.com.ph/search?q=malcapuya+island&hl=en&prmd=imvns&bav=on.2,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_cp.r_qf.,cf.osb&biw=1280&bih=699&um=1&ie=UTF-8&tbm=isch&source=og&sa=N&tab=wi&ei=a2GlT5G4BZD5mAWqj8HhBA

  6. We would say that you have some of the best pictures for Coron, Palawan. Just looking at these shots could make someone's heart yearn for white beaches with clear waters :D Thanks!

  7. Thanks everyone. I'm glad the photos showed how wonderful Coron is.

  8. Those picture with the white sand is taken n malapascua island in cebu or in coron palawan? Coz i know there is malapascua island in cebu

  9. Aparently, we were told that this island is Malcapuya Island in Coron, Palawan but I have no confirmation from my host in Coron of the true name of this private island. Nonetheless it is a wonderful place to visit.

    @nothin: All photos here are from the same island in Coron, Palawan. Malapascua is a much bigger island in the Northern Cebu region which I have also visited and blogged about here:


  10. Hi,
    This place looks magical!.I thought that it's my dream.Luxury Resort in Philippines.
    Thank you.