06 February 2012

Coron, Palawan: Captured

My recent vacation to Coron in Palawan, Philippines still lingers in the mind. It took me a PC memory upgrade and a lot of patience to wrap up the video. The extra weight I had to bear due to my heavy camera was worth it. Unfortunately, I forgot to film the lobsters I had for dinner! I also was unable to capture some places that were only accessible with a waterproof camera. There is a lot of room for improvement in this video but all in all, the fun was captured.

The island-beaches and lakes included in the video are listed below.

Malcapuya Island
Banana White Sand Beach
Siete Picados
Twin Lagoon
Atuwayan Beach
Barracuda Lake
Kayangan Lake

I have a thousand things to say about Coron. For now, I have just one word: AMAZING!

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  1. hi kim... pila ka minutes from airport to city proper?

  2. It takes approximately 30 minutes from airport to the municipality of Coron using a private van.

  3. Great job Kim! Awesome place, awesome video :) Unsa imong videocam?

  4. Thanks guys.

    @Mustachio: Used a Canon 60D. :)

  5. Dear Kim,

    How yo get travel yo Coron Island, do I need to get by flight or boat and where should I drop by? Please advise

    1. Sorry for the terribly late reply. You need to fly to Busuanga Airport from Manila or Cebu. Busuanga is approximately a 30-min drive to Coron town.