11 February 2012

Coron, Palawan: 750 Steps and More to Heaven

My Coron adventure certainly did not start with sunbathing on the beach. We arrived in the small town late in the afternoon after a delayed flight. The first part of the itinerary was to see the sun set from the top of Mt. Tapias which is the highest point in town. So quickly we devoured the pizza served for afternoon snack and headed to the base of the hill with a motorized pedicab. The driver didn't join the climb. Instead, he patiently waited along with other pedicab drivers waiting for tourists to descend from the top.

Overlooking Coron Bay

With my dry bag and heavy camera gear, I was still unprepared. I should have shed off more weight and come with more water than just the 500-ml bottle I bought from the kid who greeted us on our way up. 750 steps to the top is not an easy task for a person who's daily job is either sitting in front of a computer or experimenting in the lab. I was already out of breath after the first set of steps and the kids who were hanging out after school walked up and down the hill as if it were just their living room.

There was a lot of drama in between. That includes me almost giving up getting to the top. The sun was setting fast but I heard there were 350 steps more. I wanted to sulk. But I saw my friends and other people with their happy smiles as if their knees never hurt and so I kept climbing.

750 Steps to the Peak of Mt. Tapias
I glanced at the sun and thought that it never looked that good in months. I had been staying too long in the office and not seeing the sun set. I gasp and took a deep breath. "This is it," I heard someone shout. I hurried up to where everyone is and turned around. I saw the sun peaking through the clouds and descending slowly. I took a thousand shots, sat down and was satisfied.

Sunset from Mt. Tapias

And so I thought that was all of it. My knees wobbled like that of a ball-jointed doll by the time we were back on the pedicab. Little did I know that the dark and bumpy ride led to a low-lit place where people relax and enjoy in a hot spring. I dipped myself in the hot pool and realized, this is heaven.

Crucifix atop Mt. Tapias

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  1. Wow. Congratulations for making it to the top of Mt. Tapyas Kim in style. :) With such stunning sunset, all the hard efforts you put in this climb was definitely worth it.

  2. Thanks Bren. If you'd seen a photo of me, I was all sweaty and out of breath. But thanks to the good shots. :)

  3. Great photos Kim! I've been meaning and planning to go to Palawan for ages but haven't been to.

  4. hi! my friends and I are planning to go to Palawan this year can you please recommend which hotel or pension house you stayed?