31 December 2011

It's a Beautiful Day

I watched and filmed the fireworks in the neighborhood last night and was going to make a music video with U2's song and post it today. But then I was too tired and fell asleep at around 3 AM, which is normally breaking my New Year's tradition. At this time, I had to make an exception.

New Year's eve usually goes by with too much partying and not much meditation. Now, I'm seriously considering a few resolutions. I don't have a list but I have a few in my mind right now. One is to let go of my inhibitions. Another is to refrain from things that bring out the worst in me. Last, is to rethink about my choices.

It won't be long and another year will go by. I want to forget the feeling of uneasiness every time the sun goes down on a weekend. Work sometimes does make you feel like a horse, but it is not an excuse to be able to do not do what I love to do.

This new year, I hope for life to be better, as I always hoped. It will never be perfect, but at least learn to look more at things that make me say, it's a beautiful day.

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