16 July 2011

Cebu Pacific Air Needs to Improve

Update: My cousin was finally able to have her short vacation in Singapore c/o Cebu Pacific Air. She didn't get the same duration as her original ticket but we are still grateful.

I am not a hater but I feel the need to post this message for Cebu Pacific Air. Below is a content from my Facebook note which I have also broadcasted in Twitter. I am hoping that this voice will trigger a good change.

@CebuPacificAir I am very disappointed with how Cebu Pacific Davao has handled my cousin's case. On July 15, the agent refused her to board her Singapore flight. They overlooked her passport expiration date and thought it was Nov 2011 when it fact it is Nov 2012. She was embarrassed in public, was emotionally clouded and unable to take action on her part immediately. On July 16, she went back to complain but her case was not handled professionally. She was initially refused entry to the office and was not even offered a seat.She was told to just fly immediately so she can still use her return ticket which is impossible because we have made new plans.The DVO Cebu Pac authorities she has spoken to said that she should pity the agent who embarrassed and mishandled her case. This shows the lack of competence of your agents. Please implement appropriate sanctions and do proper damage control. My cousin's confirmation number is DFPWYB. Please compensate her justly and properly I am looking forward to your feedback.

Link to my FB post: http://www.facebook.com/notes/kim-halasan/cebupacificair-i-am-very-disappointed-with-how-cebu-pacific-davao-has-handled-my/10150236576897303

I have a similar experience when I was on my flight back to Singapore after my Grandfather's wake. My flight was delayed for a few hours but I was uninformed and only found out upon checking in. With the new schedule, I would be missing my connecting flight from Cebu to Singapore. The agent (ticketing lady at the counter) initially just dismissed my case. Had I not insisted and spoken to another person, they would have not compensated me properly. I missed another day of work, which of course, the airline won't be paying for. Cebu Pacific Air knows we need them but they should also try to improve the way they handle their customers. I have worked in customer service for 9 months, particularly in the contact center industry. Customer handling is no joke and attitude and empathy are very important. I feel that Cebu Pacific Air still needs to invest more in training their people. We don't want our customers to make a scene first and do the pacifying later.

Kim Halasan
kimunderthesun in Twitter


  1. Kim nice post hopefully everyone especially people involved can read this to prevent another person can experience this kind of situation. They really need to improve and more trainings..

  2. That's horrible, Kim! I hope they--Cebu Pacific Air--will start providing better staff and agent trainings. Traveling is already stressful by itself, why make the experience worse with having to deal with incompetent travel agents?

  3. That was bad. I just wish I won't be getting any issues or drama from them soon.

    Nice post Kim! :)

  4. What's their reply on this kim? I hope you and your cousin were justly compensated.