13 June 2011

Hugs and Kisses, Lolo Ed

I won't let this be another draft so here it goes....

I heard amazing stories from my grandpa through snail mail that we've exchanged since the day I could barely compose an English sentence. I was cleaning up my web inboxes and to my surprise, we did have a lot of email exchanges too. Definitely these things I cannot erase. We've been apart for most of my life but that didn't keep me from getting close to him. All those wonderful and exciting things he talked about remain marvels to me and gave me enough reason to be reasonable.

He was a teacher so along with his profession came his vast knowledge. Some Easter holidays were more exciting than just painting eggs with him. The family gathered together so he took it as an opportunity to teach his granchildren amazing things like calculating the circumference of a planet and all that geeky stuff. Not everyone was interested in science but we all had fun cutting out circles and coloring our favorite planets. His creativity was endless.

If God was the first one I talk to about things, second in command would be my grandpa. My letters for him all had my heart in it. It was as if his mind was the server to all my blog pages. Being my confidante, I sometimes asked him about big decisions and he was trusting enough to let me decide on my own. I guess that explains why I matured too early.

He became ill shortly after I started working so he had to go back to his roots and had someone took care of him. Though he had come back home, he was still far away from me. Unfortunately, I got twisted in the craziness of life and spent less time for him. He eventually lost most of his sight and so someone had to read those cards I occasionally sent him. His hearing weakened and holding his hand and whispering into his ear was the only best thing I could do to feel him. His memory faded into the abyss but when he held my hand, he knew it was me.

I miss him dearly. I thought I missed him in a way that nobody else does. I was wrong. On the day he perished, I found out he was loved by many.

To me, he is the greatest man that ever lived. And like my Lolo Ed, every letter he sent me always ended sweetly:

Hugs and Kisses,

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