04 June 2011

The Doppleganger

If I look at my photo in our high school yearbook, I'd see my doppleganger sporting a crop. Girly things have not always been my thing. Stylish hand bags were not in my vocabulary and my eyes would filter out a pair of sexy sandals so I could walk past it and pick up a pair of sneakers. But those days are over. I still love a pair of sneakers but don't see myself wearing it everyday now.

If my high school self had looked into the future, she'd see her doppleganger fussing about the color of her nails. The vision would not make sense to her at all. But the universe has its own ways. I have changed a lot over the years. It now takes me more than a minute to decide which color layer goes on my nails first. The process is painful but I have gotten used to it by now.

Though I have transformed a lot since then, there are still tons of things I cannot see myself doing. But who knows? A few years from now, I could become another doppleganger. Don't get me wrong. It's not about whether or not I should start putting on makeup everyday because beauty fades eventually. Its about morphing into someone who has brings out the best of your character.

These thoughts are not really original. I have been inspired by the episode "Dopplegangers" from the sitcom How I Met Your Mother. Apparently, I'm hooked on the show again but sounds silly that I'm picking up life lessons from this comedy series. So far, one of the lessons learned is:

"We all become our own dopplegangers, because we grow and learn to take on new challenges."


  1. Nice post Kim. Reinventing yourself doesn't mean you're forgetting your old self and compromising things that for years have been part of you all your life. It is merely a motivation factor to better yourself. :)