17 May 2011

A Trek in the Park

Too much excitement has always left me forgetting about the details of a trip. Google always comes to my aid when I have to checking names such as that of a park. I think, however, that the moment is really what matters most. I have gone through so many special times that I wish I could crystallize. Strangely, my mind only becomes so active when my body starts to go into hibernation and I am just too tired to get up and write them all down. At the onset of sunrise, all the volatile thoughts vanish, as if everything was just a dream. Several nights later, the same dream-like feeling re-emerges and haunts me until I do something to immortalize them. So now, I choose to write before my minds shuts off.

Today, I took away all my inhibitions, stepped into my jog shoes and headed out to what is closest to a real rainforest here in Singapore. It was a 30-minute bus ride from Woodlands MRT to the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve. The hot chocolate was enough to perk me up. We arrived at around 9 am at the visitor center and met with the rest  of the group.

The first breathtaking sight that greeted me was the Hindhede Quarry. It looked like a frame from a Nat Geo film. All I could do was take a simple snapshot. There were no bulky DSLR cameras this time. It would have been inconvenient to bring one.

It took us the whole morning to walk around the reserve, taking a combination of routes. At one point, it felt just walking in the woods. Later, it felt like I was in the scene of the movie The Tomb Raider. When the sun was at its highest, we were already on a shortcut to the Rail Mall and passed by some old bungalows. At that moment, it felt just like home. 

The trek ended at Subway for a healthy lunch and a few cookies to reward the hard work. My wobbly knees were finally put to rest. Today was about sweating it out and just enjoying. Tomorrow is another day in the office, but I silently wish that everyday is like today.

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  1. Bukit Timah Nature Reserve—I'll remember this place. On my next visit to Singapore, I would definitely try to trek here. I had no idea about Bukit Timah the last time I was in SG. Sentosa lang kasi nasa isip kong meron ang SG hehehe