27 May 2011

Getting High, for Twenty Bucks

Heights are among other things that induce drug-like effects for me. When I was a kid, I often rode on a ferris wheel and get all too excited the moment I reach the top. But the idea of riding ferris wheels in a fair seems childish for me now and the Singapore Flyer is a little too costly at the moment. The SkyPark is in one of Singapore's tallest buildings, Marina Bay Sands, though it didn't make it to the top ten but the infinity pool must be worth checking.

Twenty bucks is the price in order to gain access to the observation deck in the SkyPark. The pass is limited though and to my disappointment, only hotel guests can roam around the pool area so I had to take a photo through the drapes. Construction sites all the around Singapore and made the view a little unappealing. Plus, it was a hazy day. To me, the thought of being on that elevation is more breathtaking than the view. Standing 57 storeys above ground level activated all the nerves in my system as if to drive me into a nervous breakdown.

It was about two hours after noon when we reached the deck. I thought the sun would be scorching my skin but the clouds settled in and it began to drizzle. In fact, it rained for several minutes and cooled down all sweaty tourists, including me. I opened my umbrella so I could walk around but the guards told me to tuck it away because it was too windy and they could't afford for an accident to happen.

We ran to the nearest shelter when the rain poured. I was lucky to be in a good spot. Just sitting down, observing the horizon, and to be in the city without having to feel the chaos was just peaceful.

Even if the sky was boring as bleached cloth, the water has made wonderful reflections from where I stood. I couldn't stop taking photos of just about anything including my feet. By the way, I have this obsession of taking photos of my feet when I travel or visit a new place. It's my way of marking "I WAS HERE".

As for the music, the hotel lobby was full of it - tourists and locals speaking in different languages all together sounded like humming bees. A group of young ladies played stringed instruments in harmony and plates clashing with forks and knives sounded like great food. Outside the entrance are faint machine sounds from nearby constructions and vehicle noises from cars dropping off guests.

For some reason, the fearful thought of falling from a tall building is overcome by the thought of being a giant looking down onto tiny miniatures. The place is worth visiting and I plan to visit the park at night. The lights against a dark canvas should be more picturesque.

Miniature Shots of the view from the Skypark


  1. Hello Kim, nice blog as well as the pics, nindut kau ug color tone, nways ilaag nya ko ninyu diha sa sg ha heheh

  2. Nice Kim. I'll be sure to drop by this place whenever I'm back in SG.

  3. very nice experience. kahit na through the drapes ka pa eh kami nga wala dyan LOL