11 January 2011

thought i could handle

Last year, I created a food blog thinking I could handle it. I actually cannot handle eating and talking about it at the same time. Right now, I have so many blogs but the thing is, I live only one life. All these things I do but not at the same time. My food blog will be signing off for now and all gastronomic pleasures will be squeezed again into this blog. I'm still contemplating about combining my craft and art blogs too. After all, crafting and art always get along.

I've been cleaning up since last year and I'm hoping to find an organization system that best suits me. My grade school bag used to look like a well-maintained library - books and notebooks properly tucked. And my high school locker looked liked no one's ever touched it. Gone are those days when I was a neat little freak but I would still want to be more organized.

Somewhere in my hard drive, I found out that chicken wings and other stuff I've concocted in the kitchen were still sitting on my table, waiting to be served (I actually just fried most of them). So, goodbye to my food blog and here's brunch/dinner from one of those days:


  1. well, you have good intentions of having different blogs for different content, but that can be exhausting, especially if you want to be personal in all of them.