17 October 2010


I have initially written this page in at least three hundred words but realized it sums up to one thing - he was the best grandpa in the world and I miss him terribly. I know, he is in a better place now.
My little niece exemplifies life in more ways than one.
Life is temporary, but we have to keep on living. Inspiration may be hard to find, but if you just look up to the skies or look down, you'll find a thousand reasons to love life.

Life is a wheel and it depends which kind you want it to be.

I love you Lolo Ed. Rest in peace.


  1. It is always sad when somebody dies, especially if is somebody from your family...but they are always in our hearts!
    a big hug!

  2. looks like the heavens are rejoicing!
    another angel is back in heaven!

    stay strong kim!

  3. hugs kim, congrats on getting it at singapore. atleast i have a feeling :).