11 September 2010


Last Friday afternoon, we hit the road with nothing much in mind. Rain was pouring and the sky was gloomy. We then decided to visit one of Singapore's reservoirs.  I didn't bring a digital camera but thanks to the camera phone for saving me from my unreadiness.

The ground was wet and nothing much caught my eye except for a calm scenery. Some guy caught a fish but I was too shy to take a photo of the poor creature before it made its way to his stomach.

Later on, the place started to look like a scene in a movie. Monkeys started appearing from the end of the long stretch of road. We didn't have enough time so I leave exploring the rest of the area to a day in the future.

On our way home, we passed by the border to Malaysia. We could see Johor from a distance. But that was all for now. The skyline reminded me of some place I've been to before.

I was starving so we stopped for some ice cream. I had mine in a wafer. The ice cream cost a dollar but all the best things that day were free. Who knew. :)


  1. i wish i can travel wd u ate kim. and i believe it will be full of interest and fun. hehehe

  2. ohh i love this... the border to malaysia?? how is that possible? is this place physically connected to malaysia?

  3. I miss having ice cream in wafer.. I'm suddenly craving! :)

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