18 September 2010

Marina Barrage

The greatest irony is to be surrounded by water but having nothing to drink. Singaporeans have learned their lessons well and are putting them to good use. Marina Barrage is only one of the many reservoirs that Singapore has. It is still under construction and will probably take a few more years to complete.

The Sustainable Singapore Gallery provides a lot of information like the concept behind the Marina Barrage, some history of Singapore's water resource and their commitment to the environment. Eye-catching exhibits will compensate for the not-so-attractive construction that is happening all around.

To the Chinese, the number nine has special place and is the very reason why the Marina Barrage is in the shape of two number nines if you look at it from an aerial point of view. The Singaporeans are working hard to to create a long-lasting clean water source. 

The gallery is not all there is. You will also get to enjoy different views of the Marina Bay Sands and the Singapore Flyer.

In the afternoon, families and friends come to play and fly kites. The place is even more field with life and justifies all the money and effort that is being put into this very extraordinary project.

The scene is just breathtaking. Watching children enjoy made me even more grateful for the good things that technology gives humanity. 


  1. wow. beautiful place. i really respect the authorities in charge in Singapore that way. i mean. there is such a commitment to make things better. which doesn't happen often enough in different countries. lovely pictures kim.

  2. It's good to know that Singapore is taking a firm commitment (and some sacrifices as well) to safeguard their future. I hope that our own local authorities would also do the same soon.