29 August 2010

New Perspective

The sun doesn't set until 7 PM which is something I have to get used to but something I definitely prefer. The sun also doesn't rise until 7 AM which makes me think morning showers are colder than usual though the heater tries to keep me warm. I am not sure though if it is like this throughout the year. I have to find out.

The neighborhood is so much prettier than what I previously have. The buildings rise to the skies but the trees keep the balance in this hot urban city.

I definitely miss the old but discovering the new keeps me excited.


  1. i had missed you in this space. lovely picture. its been raining beautifully here. and i love jogging in it :D

  2. i feel like wanting to live there as well and experience something new. I guess I have to postpone my plans this time. We'll see you in the future.....

  3. @Nitin: Definitely a nice place for jogging. :)

    @Samantha: Internet connection is too slow right now but I still hope to post another before this month ends and visit other blogs too. I've been missing a lot.

    @MLoy: See you when I see you Loy. Just let me know. ;)