06 July 2010

do you belong?

Lines like "without you, where do I belong?" used to make sense to me but now I think that belongingness is more of a sense of self satisfaction. Most of us try to find acceptance by always having to tag someone along, compromising who we are or by pleasing everyone. Only a few realize that just by being who we are, we come into terms with others. But then again, this is one thing that is easy to say but not necessarily easy to do.


  1. you shouldn't compromise . for its done for the sake of itself. and that will only take yourself farther away from your peace within. its a whole lot easier to analyse some one else. and i know that for a fact. i have been struggling trying to figure myself out for a while now. but atleast now there is a sense or a feeling of something. like i think i understand. but im still not there. i can feel it. i think a relationship is best when you are in your most basic self with someone and you never have to compromise or re adjust yourself or change yourself in anyway and they and every one still loves you for it.

  2. If you have friends who stuck with you at your worst PMS flare up, keep them.

    Ditch everyone else. :)

  3. i definitely agree with you. i hope that you find friends who love you and hang ut with you for who you are. well actually, the diffrerences we have makes it more fun to be with each other.. i think. have a nice day though!


  4. Yes, easy to say but hard to do. So worth it if you manage it though. I'm getting there :)


  5. I like this post. Unfortunately, I used to be one of those people that would go out of their way to please others, making myself not too happy. Now, I know better :)
    All my love.
    Have a great weekend.