20 June 2010

Malapascua Island: Explore

Living in Cebu City has its advantages. Natural white sandy beaches and clear blue waters are only a bus and ferry boat rides away. On the northern part is a diver's haven called Malapascua Island. I don't have an underwater camera for now so I will only be limited to showing you about anything above water.

My friends and I decided to educate ourselves of the life beyond the white sands. On my first day on the island, we trekked counterclockwise from the southern part which is called Bounty beach. The image below is an aerial view of the island.

source: http://malapascua.org/Malapascua.html

Island Life

Most locals' livelihood is fishing.

Photo above: Fish drying along Bounty beach.

Photo above: Children off to harvest edible sea urchins.


When the tide is low, sea stars and other life forms bring life to the rocky shores.

Planted mangroves and man-made bird sanctuaries co-exist with the natural inhabitants.

Photo above: Dead tree branches installed on the shores to serve as a nesting place for some birds.

Scenic Views

The trek we endured on Day 1 ended with a bumpy motorcycle ride. Motorcycles are the main form of public transport and it was the quickest way to the foot of the hill where the lighthouse is situated. The reward is a sunset view from the lighthouse.

Day 2 seemed pretty short. Snorkeling started early and gave us a chance to sail around the island on a locally-made motorized boat. 

Photo above: Approaching our first dive site. A cave is submerged underwater during high tide.

Photo above: One of the rough edges of the island. The little hut makes it look more interesting than a rock.

The blogger is again grateful for life and is looking forward to the next adventure.

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  1. Can you show us a picture of the Sea Urchin Roe that the kids catch??

  2. Jeff, here's one photo though this urchin has already been ripped open:


  3. I love the description and depiction of life in the island! Nice Kim! :)

  4. I'm so excited now @_@

    We will be going there 2 weeks from now wah. Can't wait!