21 April 2010

the not-so-political mind disturbed

They say live life without regrets. Sadly, this is almost impossible. In some decisions we make, we regret a little or a lot. I actually regret not being capable to vote this year. It was because of a decision I thought would be less stressful and more peaceful. Little did I know, things would have been a step closer to that peace had I registered for this year's elections.

A friend of mine and a fellow blogger had written about his choice for this year's president. It wasn't the first time I have heard and read about this presidential candidate named Gibo. For months now, his named has become synonymous to that man who can bring good change to this country. Unfortunately, only a few people know that.

I don't know what kind of change this country needs. But since there are a lot of poverty, corruption and misaligned patriotism, then something will have to change.

I am lucky to be living within my own comfortable world but if I step out of my door and out the gate, I see a lot of things that I hope were corrected. I have always wished their teachers and parents have tried harder to teach them what is right. This man believes that education is the key and I strongly share the same belief as him.

Culture is also a big question for most people in this country including me. This man could be right in saying that we have to embrace diversity, a concept that has not been explained well in classrooms or at home. I am a result of generations of intermarriages between different races but I still turn out to be a Filipino.

Right now, the reality is that we are a people divided by our languages. We are a country divided by two tips of the compass.

Sometime in the past, I had made a mistake. I have learned my lesson and I hope others too. People with views and convictions, such as those of this man, are the people we need to lead this country.

If I had heard the word "innovate" from him, then he could be the right guy for this country. If not this year, then someday, I hope he will be that man who can help convert this big house into a home so that people will choose to stay.

"gibo" from baktincorporation
"Gilbert Teodoro: Light at the end of the tunnel"


  1. "We become the change we want to be."

    You may not be able to vote this year, but this brave entry will already suffice.

  2. Thanks Bren. I'm just glad to be able to take this out of my chest, or mind perhaps.

  3. Hi Kim , I love the new layout of your blog a lot! I believe that good leaders are important but the real and deep change can arise only from the bottom. Only when awareness comes into people's lives. Only when we all take responsibility for ourselves and people around us. We have so many occasions to stand up and act...


  4. We've had so many intelligent presidents in this country and at least one of them disappointed me. I'm hoping this time to be right with my choice. God bless our nation!

  5. @Lorenza: Thanks. We've got a new leader now and even if he isn't the guy I wish was on the post, I would still support him. Good luck to us. :)
    @Joemill: I think you're bet won. ;)