23 March 2010

the neighborhood

A while back, I used to write about the smell of pig's blood from the whole roast pig preparation or the singing neighbor who woke me up every morning. I stopped all that because I wanted to ignore them but I feel like writing about it again.

On my way home today I walked past some loud singing from the videoke. About 5 minutes later, I arrived at my gate and I could still hear him sing. It wasn't the most pleasant sound and so you would think he is screaming from afar.

I've lived in this neighboorhood for more than five years and my senses have recorded the patterns. In the morning, I hear doors banging from inconsiderate neighbors. In the afternoon, I hear very loud music from angry teenagers. At night, I hear the dogs barking. At about 1 AM, the cats start screaming and the rats running somewhere between the roof and the ceiling which makes me feel like the house is going to collapse on me anytime.

During meal time, awful smells come crawling through the crack in my door and there are actually more awful smells outside from the dirty pet hamster and guinea pig whose cages sit comfortably on the living room chair or the dog that peed outside my door.

The alleys turn almost pitch black at night and they are too narrow even for a motorcycle to pass through. The ground turn into mud everytime the rain pours because of the lack of grass to hold them or no initiative to pave the ground. The whole place is cramped and this probably explains why the statistics in Wikipedia currently says there are more than 7,000 people living within a square mile in this city.

Talking about the situation makes me think how lucky I am to have better living conditions back at my parents' home. I miss the clean pavement. I miss that single stretch of road of friendly people. And most of all I love the secure feeling it provides.

Last weekend, we crashed at a friend's house. It wasn't really hers but for the time being she watches over the place lives there. The neighborhood was peaceful and the comfortable sheets reminded me of home. My other friend who is in a similar predicament as mine shared the same feeling of wanting to just stay there. It was one neighborhood I can grow old in.

For now, I have to live with the loud singing which I can hear until now. But I don't think it's really that bad, I can still hear the crickets chirping right outside my window.


  1. i could almost smell the rain there. but then i guess if it weren't for those tiny alley ways and that videoke nighbour of yours life would appear this beautiful. i am going the other way right now. im planning to goto a desert region and planning to stay there. its called ladhak. and its beautiful. forget about security there.. :D..

  2. There is anything good about everything. I don't live in a perfect world but I see the good in it, however little. That's life. :)