02 March 2010

From the Golden Gate to the Bay Bridge

My happy memories linger in the mind longer than the rest. If I were rich, I would get on a plane and reminisce in the exact same spot where that memory happened. But since that is financially and geographically impossible right now, let me just talk about 20 pounds ago when my black messy hair didn't seem to bother me that much.

I was lucky to stop over in the CA before my company training kicked off in the summer of 2006. Almost everything that day was a first and my aunt asked me where I wanted to go. I was quick in answering, "I want to drive across the Golden Gate Bridge." If I had more time, I would have jogged 1.71 miles of it. It might disappoint you to find out that the bridge is actually red but the feeling of being there is just golden.

More than two years later, fate was kind enough to let me visit CA again and spend Christmas with family. My coolest cousin drove down to San Francisco just so I could take a night shot of the golden bridge. I was more equipped of course with a better camera and a tripod. I couldn't be happier that night. We also went up to Twin Peaks and took more photos of the night lights which I also blogged about here.

On another breezy night, our plan of skating at the park ended up to just eating burgers and driving around the city. It wasn't just a burger though, it was the best in town.
I have to thank my cousins for literally chilling out with me and agreeing to park at a no-stopping zone so I could take a photo of the Bay Bridge.

I left my heart in San Francisco. This line holds true after all these years.


  1. wow.. those are simply beautiful . i really wanted to jump off that bridge if only once. but then i guess they got laws against things like that. stuff like this kinda fill soo much life in you. even its memory is more than enough to breath life into your soul when you are feeling dull and dead. night shots of bridges are not common. and these are great !

  2. great photos, kim! and probably wonderful memories more than words can describe.
    although San Francisco is not exactly in my 'places-i-want-to-go' list, your experience there definitely sparked my interest ...

  3. Wish I could fly higher than my imagination! :)

    "It might disappoint you to find out that the bridge is actually red but the feeling of being there is just golden." - classic Kim! :)