09 March 2010

fish in a jelly

koi carp jelly, originally uploaded by bananagranola.

There are too many talented people in the world. I'm not talking about competition but about how they make you feel refreshed after a long stressful day. Now there's even more inspiration for me to live. It's amazing how simple things can look so adorable such this Japanese food art from "bananagranola." She's an artist in flickr and below is a link to one of her sets:


I don't really blog about other people but something as good as this is worth talking about. Guess I will have to do more of this. There's just so much beauty in the world that is waiting to be found.

What's your inspiration?


  1. wow.. its truly amazing. how did she do that. put a fish in the jelly? and make the colors come out like that.. foodie compositions i've found tough. and her's look brilliant. would be adding her to the contact list.

  2. That art looks sooo interesting. Sana nga useful rin. Well, if I had that, I'd just use it as display sa bathroom.

  3. @Nitin: It's not a real fish, just looks like one. :)

    @Random Student: It's edible so that's definitely useful! ;)

  4. Ei Kim, you have been 'explored' too: http://www.flickr-explorer.com/cgi-bin/getExplored.pl?screenName=peenkfrik

    Keep on capturing beauty in this world! :)

  5. @Bren: Wow I didn't know. :) Thanks!

  6. Hi Kim

    That is so beautiful of you to do, and not only do you reap the benefits of feeling so good about others, but you expand the whole global consciousness of love and goodness in these acts. So great, great idea!

    As for me and my inspiration...it definitely comes from nature the most. I love a lot of music and artists whether they be painters, or musicians, but nature is my number one :)

  7. Something as beautiful as this, the world has to know. :)