16 March 2010

17-mile drive

It's the same coat and same hands-in-pocket pose (in all of my photos actually). That's how boring I am. Anyway, I digged into my hard drive again and found more photos from my travel in 2006. I have posted about this in my old blog but never discussed it. It's California again. After all, I've never been to so many places.

It was late when we arrived in Monterey and we were disappointed to find out that the aquarium closed earlier than we expected. Fortunately, this gave us more time to drive by the scenic side called the 17-mile drive. It costs a ticket and a lot of mileage but there are actually just a few spots to pick if you don't plan to drive all of it. Even without a ticket, there are still a lot to see outside the gated area. The scene mostly shows wildlife, forests and the pacific coast. Here's an interactive map which will show you highlights of the 17-mile drive:


The most instense moment I had was standing by the Lone Cypress Tree. It has stood there for more than two centuries. That's nature facing all the odds. My photo looks like a good case of photoshopping but was actually a result of wrong camera setting and thick fog.

We went to other spots called China rock and Point Joe but the scene I loved most was the ocean. Out of curiosity, I dipped my hands into the water just to test how cold it was. The freezing water and huge waves must be the reason why there was no sighting of bikini-clad females that day. If I had known the sea breeze would feel like walking into an ice chamber, I could have brought a thicker coat. It was summer so I don't know how much colder it can get.

Almost four years has passed since then. I would like to know if everything is the same as it was.


  1. The scenery is so beautiful, and so are you!

  2. I think that nothing stays the same just because life is a flow...We are not the same aren't we? So i guess nature...and places...

  3. I love the photo of you with the lone cypress tree in the background.

    Sometimes the wrong setting s make for the perfect picture!

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  5. Nice photos Kim! That tree interests me most. :)