02 February 2010

missing home

That old chopping board reminds me of the times I helped my mom cook spaghetti. Now I can cook my own version but nobody at home seem to like the sauce. It's too sour for them. Being away from home for too long made me develop a different sense of taste.

I'm just missing home. I'm not really lonely though. My family is just an IM away and my sister is coming over this weekend. She's also bringing a few of my favorite pastry. I can't wait.

I think I can get used to nostalgic entries such as this one.


  1. there is nothing wrong with nostalgic entries kim. keep them coming!

  2. its hard being away from home sometimes. and its little things like the chopping board that bring back memories big time!

  3. I know this feeling. I cant wait to see my sister either. she'll be here in July(still far away), but the fact that she is coming keeps me alive. :)

    Lovely blog!