13 February 2010

lovely day

Today's been a lovely day so far but it's not even the 14th yet. I came back home from a dentist appointment and decided to take this photo. It was after noon and the blue skies were bright as ever. It was disturbing though to find the wall vandalized with the word "AIDZ." It was misspelled and I hope it's just some random kid who wants to practice writing on the walls. The headline on the local newspaper today says that the government will be giving out condoms for the weekend. That should help curb the population.

To everyone out there, I hope you have a happy hearts' day. Got to go now. I have a close friend to meet for dinner. :)


  1. happy v day <3 :) have a great evening

  2. We expect couples on a high tomorrow. The government says it all.

  3. but isn't it that couples should be responsible enough to think of the consequences of the act before they do the deed?

    just a thought. :)

    anyway, happy hearts day. :)