11 February 2010

how's your farm?

I stopped playing in Facebook sometime last year but boredom made me get back to it again. If all of these crops in my farm were real, I would have been healthier and richer too.

However, everything is just virtual. Things can get crazy. Like one time I was "IMing" with my mom and she said she was cooking some caramel apples. I was like, "Wow, I didn't know she's into cooking those stuff now." I realized later that she meant cooking in one of her games in Facebook.

I have to admit. I have a mild case of addiction to the Internet, just like most people. It can come in many forms like updating statuses in Facebook, following Twitter updates or just scanning photos in Flickr. But it has some good points too. Meeting up with family in an online farm seems more innovative and fun compared to plain virtual conferencing.

Every time I arrive home from work, I turn the PC on, connect to the Internet and my second life starts. I barely have time to sleep. Whoever first thought of online games and social networking sites must have came from the future.

Privacy issues? I don't know. I think I've given that up the day I started blogging. Guess I'll see you all in Facebook or Twitter or Google Buzz then.


  1. haha! I dont play farmville, and I'm trying my best not to start. lol
    So true. When I get home everyday, it's as if a new life has started. I just turn on the computer, and everything falls into place.

  2. When I started with facebook I could not stop, every day checking friends satus and updating mine,, i am happy to say I am over it..couldn't be bothered anymore. I just use it if i need to keep in touch with friends that do not live near my house!
    I admit i prefer to spend time blogging!!!

  3. damn im dissapointed.. i never knew that you'd be online after you get back home >:).. i thought you had got over it. and thats kind of a let down. well, i have moved on to other things as for myself. i haven't killing myself with too much YM.. so i am happy.. i sign in and sign out. and therefore safe so far.. i think you are taking it all quite positively.. and something tells me that you don't wanna do anything about this.. all the beeeeest with it .

  4. I thought I'd never get addicted to any online game but there came Mafia Wars.

    Now just can't stop leveling up. Haha!

  5. OMG. i'm living the same life. internet is like a sickness. the monitor sucks my time out that i sleep at wee hours in the morning not doing anything productive.

  6. i never started any online games! i think i have enough stuffs online to keep me busy - blogging, blogging, and i enter a lot of giveaways online!

  7. I don't regret posting this. Your comments are helping me really quit playing online games. But right now, something is still cooking in my digital kitchen. I hope it runs out of gas. :)

    @Charlotte: Online freebies is a good idea.