15 January 2011

to climb the steepest hill

This was an old thought but nothing is old if it stays in the memory. At some point, I was actually inspired to paint. It wasn't the best piece of art but it was special to me.

From Art ni Kim

My head spins back to 2008 just like in the movies except that there is no time machine and I am just waking up some hibernating memory cells.

The ground was made beautiful by the colored leaves. Autumn was just a pretty sight. My colleagues and I hiked up this huge rock called Stone Mountain. Everybody knows it was made of granite but no one told me it was magma that has dried up on the earth's surface. Watching too much National Geographic shows has turned me into a bit of a scientist. It's amazing though how this catastrophic event in the past has turned into something beautiful today.

They say that at the end of a rainbow is a pot of gold. In this case, it is true. It was a good hike.

Republished because I had set the date to 2010, crazy me.


  1. I'm moved to climb a mountain again. :) Thanks for the wondeful photos. :)

  2. I like the experience you shared in the post.the captures and theme line of post is really great.