19 January 2010


This photo is from my beach vacation last year. We were having breakfast along the beachfront when I saw this cat sleeping peacefully on the bamboo floor. He/she reminds me of a cat we used to have back home. I'm not really a cat person but I miss the company of my pets. There are two cute dogs outside. I don't know when I would be able to take a good photo of them since they are always moving.


  1. good god kim, it has been ages between this and your last post.. its a nice shot BTW. but then its been soo long.. soo much has changed.. if you come over to my blog youd notice i have become a bald buffed up ... you probably need to get yourself a pet where you are staying at .. :)

  2. I'm a dog person. But I appreciate the gracefulness and speed of cats especially when they go hunting.

  3. @Katy: Thanks!

    @Nitin: Can't leave the pet alone while I'm away. :(

    @Joemill: Cats and dogs are both adorable but they have different strengths. Put them together and it'll be unpredictable. :)