18 December 2009

happy holidays

I have a few minutes left before midnight. Just came home from dinner with old friends who've been there through thick and thin. It feels good to reminisce. I wanted to hang around with them a little longer but I've got a flight to catch tomorrow and I still need to pack. At 12:01 tonight, my Christmas vacation officially starts.

I have so many plans in mind. I might be offline for a while or I might spend time reading other blogs. I also want to check out some spots in my hometown that I've never been too. I also feel like wanting to do things I've not really done before. I'm not really sure how this vacation will turn out.

I just wish everyone a great time during the holidays, however you may celebrate it. There must be a general greeting but I don't know how to say it. Here's some holiday spirit from where I'm from.

Happy Holidays everyone!


  1. Well this is wonderful to hear!!!!

    I wish you an amazing holiday season however you choose to spend it. Most importantly enjoy yourself - be in the moment and just appreciate the amazing being you are :)

    I will be travelling myself over half of January so I am looking forward to a computer break too! But I will have some nice Scenes set up on the site, while I am away ;)

  2. It sounds like you'll have a lovely vacation. I like your idea of going to places in your hometown you haven't been to. Sounds like a fun holiday adventure. Hope you have a good one! =D

  3. wow... thats nice. i was hanging out with my gang out yesterday night. and we had gone for a movie. whatever you do. go out and watch avatar with your mom, sisters and friends. i highly recommend it!! add me on ym / facebook if you are there, keep in touch.

  4. happy holidays kim! enjoy. looking forward to see your christmas pics. :)

  5. Merry Christmas and enjoy your deserved holidays!


  6. Happy Christmas and New Year!!
    I will be leaving too... talk to you again in 2010!

  7. Happy holidays to you too!! I hope you have a wonderful time this christmas.

    Love Saskia xx

  8. Hope you had a great time during the holidays and achieved your wishes! It ain't over though, we still have a few more days before we get back to work, so let's make the most out of it. :)

  9. The holidays are over. I thought I would be able to do all of the things I've talked about but I spent most of my time with family. This is one vacation I will always cherish. ;)

    To everyone: Thanks for being a part of me. :)